Head Services

Dappers Classic Combo     $64

Includes Dappers Precision Haircut and Traditional Straight Razor Shave accompanied with DappersSignature Steps of Service.

Dappers Precision Haircut     $35

Shears and a comb or classic barbering with clippers, you'll receive a detailed cut from a highly trained barber using the most advanced techniques to achieve your desired look.

Dappers Head Shave     $35

Similar to our Straight Razor Shave process but performed on the scalp, using essential oils and creams for the smoothest head possible.

Buzz     $24

Buzz cut

Kids/Senior Cut     $28

Ages 12 years and under. Seniors 62 and over.

Face Services

Dappers Traditional Combo     $46

Includes Dappers Precision Haircut and Beard Sculpt.

Dappers Traditional Straight Razor Shave     $35

A classic steam towel traditional straight razor shave service using shave products containing only the finest ingredients your skin deserves. Dappers Signature Steps of Service included.

Dappers Beard Combo     $28

Includes Dappers Beard Sculpt and Straight Razor line-up.

Dappers Beard Sculpt     $18

Our barber will sculpt your facial hair like a fine work of art, keeping your beard or mustache professionally groomed and maintained.

Dappers Straight Razor Line-Up     $18

Very precise Hand crafted lines on the cheek and neck leave your beard looking like a masterpiece.

Straight Razor Shaves

We start out by applying Proraso pre shave oil to soften the hair and open the pores. Next we apply a steaming hot towel to further prepare the skin to be shaved. While you are relaxing with the hot towel, we hand mix Proraso shave cream using a badger hair shave brush and bowl to help soften and raise beard hair while gently exfoliating the skin in preparation for a close, comfortable shave. We continue with the first pass using the highest quality straight razor blade, and then place another hot towel on the face. We then apply more Proraso shave cream with the badger hair shave brush and complete pass two, but this time against the grain. Since the after shave works best when the pores are completely closed, we follow up with a cold towel before applying Proraso after shave.

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